Document SQL Server instance settings/objects

A SQL Server has multiple instance-level settings and objects, depending on the version. These can have a significant effect on SQL Server’s behavior and performance, and it is important to keep track of their configuration or even document them, for that matter.

ApexSQL Doc, as an efficient SQL Server documenting tool, offers the possibility to collect and document all these SQL Server instance settings/objects, keeping track of configurations and helping in overall server maintenance.

The SQL Server documenting feature is located in the ApexSQL Doc’s main window. To start the documentation process, click on the New button in the main ribbon to start new project. Click on the Add button and select server to connect to.

After the server opened you can select the database.

At this point, the Server objects will unlock in the Datasources and objects pane. This feature is clearly organized and easily accessible.

Thanks to the Document server properties checkbox, the documentation of properties can be excluded or included with a single click.

Having the SQL Server instance settings/objects documented and included into the final report can be achieved with just a few clicks, and the documenting routine can be automated easily without much effort or time invested. Using the Server objects pane, it is simple to manage and filter object types needed in the documentation as Alerts, for example. Alerts include a list of alert properties including the name, type, category, event source, database, ID, error number, or Backup devices containing a list of backup device properties such as the type, file path, name and Jobs, which include steps and schedules (if any), etc.

Once the object types are selected, all that remains is to select specific objects to be included in the documentation. To complete the process, click on the Generate button in the main ribbon, select your desired output name and location, click Save and all selected information will be included in a comprehensive and easy-to-read format:

Here’s an example of one specific documented object, in this case the Login. As illustrated, all the properties, users with the specified selected login and even SQL are included:

Documenting SQL server instance settings/objects can be an important part of detailed and comprehensive reports that ApexSQL Doc offers as a tool, in the function of establishing standards used throughout the organization, company, or any other enterprise entity.

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March 2, 2015