How to deploy object changes directly from a SQL source control label


One of the challenges when working with SQL source control systems is to have a sort of a “safe mechanism” that will allow developers to revert any changes made on the destination database. That kind of “mechanism” are source control labels, which are basically snapshots of the SQL source control repository captured at specific time where each object is saved as individual SQL script.

February 4, 2019

How to automatically create synthetic test data for a SQL Server database

ApexSQL Generate is a tool that can populate SQL databases with test data using multiple generators for each column. It supports a full range of SQL data types and has an ability to recognize them in a loaded SQL database and provide real-world test data based on contained data types. It can generate: randomized test data using the Random generator and various options, and using the Regular expression generator, sequential data using the Incremental generator, and much more.

January 13, 2017