Documenting SSIS packages

ApexSQL Doc is a SQL documentation tool that allows documenting of SQL Server Integration Service (SSIS) packages, Analysis Service databases (SSAS), multiple SQL databases, Tablau sites and SharePoint farms easily and automatically. ApexSQL Doc allows you to quickly develop a summary of your SSIS Packages. It can visually display the control and data flow as well as properties and expressions used for each component.

March 4, 2015

Synchronizing databases using the transaction log – SQL Server Log shipping

No matter how well managed your systems are, accidents may still occur, and potentially lead to disastrous consequences. In order to ensure that there is a disaster recovery solution available, it is always good to have a standby copy of a primary database on another SQL Server instance.

The first way to achieve this is to utilize the SQL Server Log shipping.

March 4, 2015

Top SQL Server Memory Pressure Counters

Even a superficial reading of books and articles on SQL Server performance monitoring will tell you that SQL Server memory pressure is the first thing you should monitor. Not the only thing, far from it, and some CPU, I/O and internal SQL Server counters are critically important to get the complete picture but it’s the memory counters that often show us the first indication of suboptimal performance

March 3, 2015

Document SQL Server instance settings/objects

A SQL Server has multiple instance-level settings and objects, depending on the version. These can have a significant effect on SQL Server’s behavior and performance, and it is important to keep track of their configuration or even document them, for that matter.

March 2, 2015

SQL Server deadlock notifications – Part 2

In the previous part of this article, we’ve described a way of notifying a database administrator when a SQL Server deadlock occurs by using SQL Server Management Studio and SQL Server Agent. As it can be seen, setting the SQL Deadlock alerting in such way requires an additional level of knowledge as well as multiple actions performed. Even after the alerting is set, a database administrator will be required to perform additional actions in order to identify the deadlock and the victim.

In this part, we will present a solution that can alert on a deadlock and provides deadlock details in a user-friendly GUI with just a few mouse clicks

March 2, 2015

SQL Server deadlock notifications – Part 1

The existence of a deadlock may be indicated by application slowness, error messages or cases when a SELECT statement takes a long time to finish or terminates prematurely with the message:

Transaction (Process ID xx) was deadlocked on resources with another process and has been chosen as the deadlock victim. Rerun the transaction

All this indicates that SQL Server encountered a deadlock. A deadlock is a common issue with SQL Server. It is a circular blocking chain when two or more processes holding locks on data where each process wants to lock the data already locked by another process, and each process is waiting on the other process to complete before moving forward

March 2, 2015

How to build a SQL database directly from scripts

In a SQL database lifecycle two major deployment tasks are: the building of a new SQL database and an upgrade of the existing one. ApexSQL Diff is a SQL database comparison tool that can help for both of them; it allows deploying SQL scripts saved in a script folder to a new or an existing SQL database. In various “real world” scenarios oversights and omissions are plausible, leading to many errors or database structure/objects corruption. In cases like these, it’s good to have a script ready so that a SQL database with test objects can be easily rebuilt even if something goes wrong.

March 2, 2015